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Hear 2 inspiring talks and 3 Sessions that include:

Speaking Truth to Power
Standing up for what we believe in – to call out injustice, intolerance and ignorance
Female Empowerment
Let's do it together
Women in Leadership
Leading from the front to Inspire others

Meet attendees including politicians, professionals, writers, thinkers, sports figures, social policy experts, doctors and engineers from the UK and Europe.

Network together after the event, with curry dinner included.

Participants have described Husayn Summit as “the ultimate refresher” and “a platform to reshape society.”

Renowned speakers for 2020 include:

  • Mehdi Hasan – Journalist, Broadcaster, Author & Commentator
  • Baroness Saeeda Warsi – Member of The House of Lords
  • Jo Swinson – Former Leader Liberal Democrats
  • Father Christopher Clohessy – Author & Roman Catholic Priest – Italy
  • Shelina Zahra Janmohamed – Author & Commentator
  • Heidi Allen – Former MP For South Cambridgeshire
  • Liam Byrne – Labour MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill
  • Emily Garthwaite – Award Winning Photojournalist
  • Myriam Francois – Writer & Broadcaster
  • Fatema Dewji – Marketing Director, METL – Tanzania
  • Owen Paterson – Conservative Member of Parliament
  • Gloria De Piero – Former MP for Ashfield
  • Zahra Al Alawi – Lecturer & Television Presenter
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Faced every day with a barrage of shocking statistics about injustice, intolerance and global problems, we launched the Husayn Summit as a platform for change-makers to share their bold ideas. Many of them have established structures and organisations to identify and attack problems head on, and all embrace support from the wider community.

Our key inspiration comes from Husayn Ibne Ali (Peace Be Upon Him), a saint revered worldwide for restoring social justice and truth. He reshaped society in the 7th century through his heroic actions as he fought for the rights of the greater humanity while battling a politically unjust system that brought widespread tyranny to the Middle East – across modern-day Iraq, Arabia and Syria.

By introducing Husayn through a social and academic lens, we are following his example to combat today’s injustices.

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  • Finding Solace
  • Fighting Injustice
  • Dissenting Voices
  • Inspiring Leaders

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Shelina Zahra Janmohamed is a British writer. She is the author of Love in a Headscarf, a memoir of growing up as a British Muslim woman. She is serving as a Vice President of Ogilvy Noor, world's first Islamic Branding & marketing consultancy agency.

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In Conversation With Mehdi Hasan.
Join us on 29th February, Saturday for an unforgettable event with renowned International speakers to raise the level of discourse on critical issues shaping society.
This year our theme focuses on women’s leadership and empowerment .
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Hurry up and Register Now at - https://husaynsummit.org/summit/give-your-detail/

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(Broadcaster and Journalist)

@OwenPaterson (Conservative MP & Former Minister for Northern Ireland, UK)
@joswinson (Labour MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill, UK)
@MyriamFrancoisC (Writer & Broadcaster, UK)



(Broadcaster and Journalist)

@SayeedaWarsi (Conservative, Member of the House of Lords, UK)
@joswinson (Former Head of Liberal Democrat Party & Former MP, UK)

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Gloria De Piero, Ex Member of the Parliament shares her views on Women Leadership/Empowerment and shares her thoughts on Lady Zainab at the Husayn Summit 2020.

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Emily Garthwaite Reflection on Arbaeen Walk...
“How could 25 million people walk on a pilgrimage every year, and yet nobody know about it?”

To listen to her talk please click here:


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