Emily Garthwaite

Award-winning photojournalist

Award-winning photojournalist

Emily Garthwaite is a photojournalist focusing on humanitarian and environmental issues who is now training her lens on Muslim communities around the world.

She has been the subject of a feature-length documentary The 40th Day covering Arbaeen, the world’s largest annual pilgrimage in Iraq (2017). She then continued her photo series Road to Arbaeen (2018) by walking over 100km through southern Iraq during the pilgrimage as well as covering Ashura in the Holy city of Karbala.

Since late 2018 she has focused on Muslim communities with assignments in Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Iran, Lebanon and the USA. Prioritising positive news and stories of resilience and empowerment, she believes this is a necessary shift in storytelling away from the media’s tendency to portray Islam negatively.

International renown

Emily Garthwaite has been included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 for Media and Marketing, and has exhibited her work internationally from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to The Natural History Museum in London. She has been published in The Guardian, Sunday Times Magazine, BBC News, Forbes, The Times and Newsweek.

Commercial clients include Christian Aid in India and Afghanistan, the NSPCC, the UK Home Office, the BBC, Article 36 and Mines Advisory Group. She is a Leica Ambassador and has also been a Finalist for Wildlife Photographer of The Year for images of a chained Asian elephant in Varanasi, India, and a caged Sumatran sun bear in Medan, Indonesia.