Father Christopher Clohessy

Author and priest

Author and priest

Father Christopher Clohessy is a South African Catholic priest and expert on Lady Zainab (as) who investigates topics such as how her sentiments of leadership differ or compare to those of contemporary Western feminist movements.

He holds a BST from the Pontifical Urbanianum University in Rome and a PhD from the Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies (PISAI), also in Rome.

It was while spending a year in Cairo studying Islam as a priest that he became aware of Imam Hussain (as). He learned of the battle of Karbala and subsequently of two of the most incredible personalities in Islam – Lady Fatima (as) and Lady Zainab. He is one of the first academics to have published works in English about them: his book Half of My Heart – The Narratives of Zaynab, Daughter of Ali and his book Fatima, Daughter of Muhammad.

Humble and cultured

Father Clohessy has lectured in communities worldwide alongside his work as a Professor in Shia Islamic Studies, Qur’an and Islamic Ethics at PISAI. He is also visiting lecturer at the Pontifical Beda College in Rome, where he lectures in Fundamental Theology, Ecclesiology and Mariology.

He has been described as “really cool – cultured, humble despite his global recognition, and incredibly intelligent.”