Heidi Allen

Former Member of Parliament

Former Member of Parliament

Heidi Allen has had a tumultuous year in politics, being a member of three parties and leading one before leaving Westminster amid a torrent of Brexit-inspired abuse.

She served as MP for South Cambridgeshire from 2015 to 2019, initially as a Conservative before resigning from the party in February 2019 to join and later lead Change UK. She resigned from Change UK in June and joined the Liberal Democrats in October, before announcing that she would not stand in the December General Election.

She was a staunch campaigner against Brexit, co-founded the group Right to Vote in favour of a second referendum and warned of the danger to jobs and businesses of leaving the EU without a deal. She claimed Brexit had “broken our politics” after suffering “utterly dehumanising” abuse and invasions of her privacy including threats, aggressive emails, being shouted at in the street, sworn at on social media and having to install panic alarms at her home.

Campaigner against poverty

Her maiden speech at Westminster was described in the press as “truly brave” and “well argued” after she condemned her own government’s proposed cuts to tax credits. She campaigned again on the failings of the welfare state after leaving the Conservatives, saying botched policies over the past decade had blighted Britain’s poorest neighbourhoods with destitute families reliant on charity handouts.

She has a degree in astrophysics from University College London.