Sheikh Nuru Muhammad

Motivational speaker

Motivational speaker

Sheikh Nuru Muhammad is a Ghanaian Islamic scholar, speaker and researcher, and a community leader at KSIMC of Birmingham. He is an advocate of interfaith understanding and respect, peaceful coexistence and social justice, and as such has been appointed the Lady Khadija Visiting Fellow 2020 at the Woolf Institute in Cambridge.

This academic institute linked to the University of Cambridge is dedicated to the study of relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims. Its aim is to use research and education to explore the relationship between religion and society and reduce intolerance.

He has presented papers on many different topics at universities and communities locally and internationally, and has appeared on the BBC in the UK and overseas. He is a member of the Birmingham City Council Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education.

Spiritual caregiver

Sheikh Nuru Muhammad is a former ordained spiritual caregiver at Johannesburg correctional centre in South Africa and co-founded the Imamiya Islamic Research Centre in Johannesburg. He founded the Ummu ABEEHA Empowerment Centre in Kumasi, Ghana.


He is co-author of the Muslim Manual on HIV and AIDS prevention, under the supervision of World Vision.

After taking a BA in Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism at Al-Mustafa International University in Iran, he completed an MA in Islamic Studies at Middlesex University. He is a former visiting lecturer at the Tangaza University College in Nairobi, Kenya.