Our Mission

Husayn Summit is a platform that brings international speakers together to raise the level of discourse on critical issues shaping society: in 2020 our themes are women’s leadership and empowerment, following our groundbreaking 2019 summit on social justice and human rights.

What makes Husayn Summit different?

  • Our high-profile panels focus on bold ideas that bring solutions.
  • We encourage interaction and sharing knowledge in a lively, buzzing atmosphere.
  • Attendees network with hundreds of like-minded professionals, leaders and influencers
Our Vision

Husayn Summit will become a global force in debate, where thought-provoking ideas lead to action.

How Will I Benefit?

By attending Husayn Summit, I will …

  • … grow my skillsAt Husayn Summit I will learn to be better prepared for some of the pivotal challenges facing society and transforming the way we live and work.
  • … join a communityAt Husayn Summit I will connect, exchange views and network with hundreds of like-minded professionals in a space where everyone is welcome to share. I will leverage the power of a vibrant community to co-operate, collaborate and enhance social justice.
  • … learn from leadersAt Husayn Summit I will meet leading experts and influencers face-to-face. I will find out how they think and how they succeeded … then harness their insights to go higher.
  • … broaden my horizonsHusayn Summit will enable me to step off the treadmill, evaluate my thinking and alter my perspective to make sure I don’t limit my creativity and potential.
  • How I can contribute to reshaping society

    … bring fresh ideas back to my life

    I will return from Husayn Summit with fresh ideas and approaches that will help me do more for society – and inspire my friends, family and colleagues to do the same.